Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and meet a tutor before I sign up?

Absolutely, we offer a free consultation with a tutor where
you can look around the place and ask any question you may have. We’ll talk to
you about your needs and figure out a suitable level to place you in.

Do you do a weekly membership?

Yes, we can offer a weekly membership at £40 per week. This has no monthly obligations. 

How long is the contract?

There is no contract! You pay for each month as you use them.
If you don’t want to continue then just tell us by the 14th of the
month so that we don’t take any future payments.

I want help in two subjects, can I split the sessions
each week?

Yes, we are rather flexible. If you want, you can mix and match
your subjects. For example, you can do one session in maths and the other in
science. Another example, you can have all your sessions as maths but then
maybe you have an English test coming up and you want to go over a few things
then you can do one week of English before returning to maths.

Do you do one to one tuition?

We do offer one to one tuition but at this early stage, it’s
a brilliant position to be in, there are so few people in a session it would be 

like having a one to one for the price of a small group.




What happens if we go on holiday?


Depending on the length of the holiday, we will do our best to fit in the 

missing lessons in other weeks. Alternatively, you can freeze your membership 

for a charge, dependent on the number of sessions you have each week. 




What happens during half term and other school holidays?


During the half terms, we are open as usual. During the Easter holidays 

we change our opening hours so that classes are during the days instead 

of the evenings. You will be given a number of alternative time slots for the 

Easter break.