Membership Options

Please find information on our Membership Options below. All our memberships are based on a rolling monthly membership. You can use the 2 weekly sessions as you like within our subjects. You can change your sessions to suit your needs. Remember, we offer English, Maths and Science at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level. 

Included in your membership is access to qualified, professional teachers, access to valuable resources and anything required for the sessions is provided; books, calculators, computers etc. 


Due to the nature of opening in 2020 we have decided to take payment weekly

Standard membership is taken at £30 per week via direct debit on a Monday. 

If the city needs to close temporarily for any reason then we will not have taken more money than necessary. 



Standard: 2 x sessions in the boardroom per week (no more than 6 to a session and sessions are targeted and specialised): 

£130* per month.

*average session works out at £15



Executive: 2 x sessions in the boardroom and a private study session with a tutor per week. 

£215* per month.

*Average one to one works out to be £20

Contact our experienced tutors in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, for more information on our private tuition and membership options.

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