COVID-19 update

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Reopening Details

We have made the decision to reopen our doors to our students. We have done a risk assessment to make sure that we are Covid Secure. 

We love teaching our students and have missed it so much during this time. 

Here are some of the policies we have put in place

- All teachers and students will wear masks when inside the studio. (These can be fabric masks or plastic visors)

- All equipment will be sanitised after each use. 

- All high traffic areas will be cleaned in the 10 minute break between sessions

- All sessions have only students from one household together

- Handgel is provided in every room

- Sessions have been rearranged to leave 10 minutes between sessions to allow students to leave before new students arrive. 

We hope this will go some way to relieve any worries you may have. 

Stay safe,

The Learning Studio